Electric & electronic waste

To protect the environment KODY Wnetrza cooperate with AURAEKO - Electrical and Electronic Equipment Recovery Organization and forwarded the obligations arising from international law Act.

According to this Act, KODY Wnetrza accept for free waste of electrical and electronic equipment from customers buying new equipment of the same type in our shop.

We remind you that the electrical & electronic waste can not be placed together with other waste, you can return it only to a collection point.
Find a collection point in your area (only for Poland) >>>

In case of threat to health or life, seller has right to refuse collecting of electrical and electronic waste. Collecting waste equipment is required to maintain the necessary precautions to protect the health and safety of workers.

Please be advised that our shop waste equipment transfer to proffessional recycling company registered by Polish authorities.

Electrical and electronic waste is potentially dangerous for the environment.

Sorting of electrical and electronic equipment waste you will help to protect the environment around us.