About us

KODY Wnetrza Design & Concept Store

offers a sophisticated and original products in the field of lighting and home furnishings. Our idea is to present and distribute on Polish market products that reflect the latest trends in design of residential and commercial interiors. We want to inspire creation of unconventional designs. At the same time we would like to pay more attention to the lights, which act not only as a source of luminosity in our environment, but also as a very important decorative element.


We work with manufacturers both in Europe and in other parts of the world. Our regular partners are Muuto New Nordic, Artecnica, Tom Rossau, Design Doctor, Petite Friture, Slamp, Puik Art, Seletti, CablePower, Florian Light and many others. We have a wide range of products available on stock, but we also have a huge number of products available on request.

SLAMP - design lamps
MENU - design matter
Florian Light - Design from Italy
Authentics - interior design elements
BROKIS – a synthesis of exquisite design
Seletti - history of vision and evolution.
PUIK Art - innovative and original products made by talented Dutch Designers.